Services Offered

Our services include all phases of comprehensive dental care in the routine office setting with a heavy emphasis on prevention of dental decay.  During your visit, you and your child will also receive the guidance and training to perform proper health care at home.

This coordination of comprehensive in-office treatment and at-home care is essential to ensure a lifetime of healthier teeth for your children. When undergoing dental treatment, we:

  • have the option available to use Laughing Gas (Nitrous Oxide) for the anxious child.
  • can also coordinate care with our local Oral Surgeons to do intra-muscular sedations for specific cases.     
  • are a certified Invisalign provider and, in certain select cases, can treat minor orthodontic needs with Invisalign Teen.

Dr. Kohli

  • is credentialed at the Maria Ferrari Children’s Hospital at the Westchester Medical Center in Valhalla, NY.     
  • provides care under General Anesthesia in the Operating Room.
Dr. Kohli can also go to your child’s daycare or pre-school to give presentations, especially in February for Children’s Dental Health Month.
First Visit
The first visit should be scheduled when the first tooth comes in, usually between 6 and 12 months. This visit is critical to developing a strong and happy relationship between yourself, your child and our practice. To make this visit as positive as possible, be enthusiastic and encouraging when answering any of your child’s questions about the visit. It is our policy to encourage parents to accompany their children into the examining room as the children tend to be more reassured and comfortable.
During the first visit, we will count their teeth and evaluate their oral cavity using a mirror and a “tooth counter”.  If the child is receptive, we may then do a cleaning and flouride treatment. Otherwise, this can be done during the next appointment.
We use the “Tell Show Do” technique in which everything will be explained and shown to your child beforehand. It is possible that any child can be apprehensive at his/her first visit as young children tend to  “fear the unknown”.  Sometimes this results in crying.  Rest assured, we will do our best to make them as comfortable as possible.
If the initial visit is an emergency visit, the immediate problem will be dealt with first, and the routine new patient visit will be postponed to a later time.  It would be our priority to relieve your child of pain and make her/him comfortable as soon as possible. If your child has had a previous negative dental experience, it may take a few visits to gain her/his confidence in order to get him/her to accept a new dentist and dental treatment.
Please complete the following New Patient forms at least 24 hours prior to your child’s dental appointment.  This allows us time to ensure that all necessary documentation is complete when you arrive.
Recare/Recall Visit
Please complete the following recare form at least 24 hours prior to your child’s next dental appointment. This allows us time to ensure that all the necessary documentation is complete when you arrive for your child’s recall visit.
Emergency Care
In case of a dental emergency, please call the office at 914-725-9620 and press #4. Please leave a phone number that can receive a private call.
Dr. Kohli has been our daughter's dentist since she could walk and we love her, her office and the staff. In the five years that we have been receiving services, we have never had a bad clinical or administrative experience. The office space is bright and airy and quiet -- so calming for mum and kiddies alike!  We have never waited more than ten minutes for an appointment, but when we do it is fun to look at the maps and learn about our world. 
V.S and K.P.A, Old Tappan, NJ
Dr. Kohli is an extremely skilled, knowledgeable, and kind pediatric dentist. My three kids look forward to seeing her (the toy cabinet might have a little something to do with this), and she always makes their visits comfortable and stress-free, which really is a testament to her gentleness and humor. She answers all my questions fully and really pushes the idea that prevention is the best strategy for dental health. My kids now floss every single night - pretty amazing. Her large office, which is decorated in this great airplane theme, is immaculate, light, and bright. And her two staff members are lovely - very warm, kind, and patient. I recommend Dr. Kohli very highly and without hesitation.
Natasha, Hastings on Hudson, NY
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