Dental Emergency

Pediatric Dental Emergency Care

In case of a pediatric dental emergency, please call the office at 914-725-9620 and press #1. Please leave a phone number that can receive a private call. Dr. Kohli will return your call directly. In the case that she is out of town, a colleague who is covering for Dr. Kohli will return your call.

If your child has any of the issues mentioned below, please follow the advice given:

  • If the child is having a toothache, please give the child some Children’s Motrin/Tylenol.
  • If a tooth is knocked out, then please place in a clean container or cold milk and rush the child and tooth to the office. Do not scrub the roots of the tooth clean.
  • If a piece of the tooth is broken, then bring the piece to the office as well in a container of cold milk.
  • If the child’s face is swollen due to injury, please apply ice via an ice pack or a bag of frozen peas or corn on the face.
  • If the child’s face is swollen from a toothache, please call Dr. Kohli or your pediatrician to get some antibiotics immediately. If the swelling is spreading to the eye or under the lower jaw, please go to the Emergency Room immediately.
  • If there is bleeding from an injury, please apply constant pressure with a clean cloth or gauze.


Tooth Pain

We had to make an emergency visit for tooth pain, and Dr. Kohli saw us the same day and took excellent care of us. We are very lucky to have such a caring and accessible dentist.

- Allison K, RateABiz

Emergency Visit

Dr. Kohli is such a wonderful dentist! She took care of our emergency with such compassion and professionalism. We love her!

- Karin B, RateABiz

Endless Supply of Patience and Kindness

Dr Kohli has what seems an endless supply of patience and kindness especially when it comes to dentist fearing kids. She won my daughter over by working with her through her highly sensitive gag reflex. The office functions efficiently, is usually prompt with appointments and all staff have been supportive and friendly. I would highly recommend Dr Kohli's practice.

- C. Kennedy, Google

High quality service, friendly and patient

Dr. Kohli is patient, creative in her ways when trying to get the children to cooperate. In emergency situations, which I've had a few, she has always contacted me personally and has seen my child the same day or morning. My children love her. As we do. Her staff is kind, always understanding and respectful. Amazing group!

- Daniela O, RateABiz